Overview of a typical training session

  1. Start your Transformer Workshop training by selecting a course from the course listing section of this web site or from the links on any course product information page.
  2. Provide your credit card information using our secured e-commerce pages.
  3. When your credit transaction has cleared, click on the "High Speed" or "Dial-up" button to select your Internet connection type.
  4. If this is your first Transformer Workshop course, start by answering "Yes" when asked if you want instructions on how to control your interactive course. The instructions take only 90 seconds to view.

Shortly after start-up the course will display its Main Menu. This Menu lists the major topics or "Lessons". A Lesson Status Bar will appear next to each lesson title.

The red indicator at the top tells you the lesson is not yet fully cached on your computer.

The bright green light at the top indicates the lesson is fully cached (transferred to your computer) and ready to play.

If you start a lesson before the indicator displays a green light, this panel will appear giving you details of the lesson's status.

All Transformer Workshop courses use video and narrated graphics to present the course material. Most courses involve you in the instruction by asking you to make decisions or actual connections.

Full-screen video with player, zoom and volume controls

As you complete each lesson the computer determines your understanding of the key learning points. These "quizzes" are not like the ones you dreaded in school. MasteryNet questions help discover areas where you need review and reinforcement. You never fail a test!

The system patiently reviews your problem areas with you until you "get it". You always score a final 100%. You will feel confident of your mastery when you complete a Transformer Workshop course.

"Until you have experienced Transformer Workshop you can't appreciate what a powerful learning tool it is!"