Transformer Workshop is pleased to offer Mastery Courses — the most preferred Computer-Based training in any format. When you complete a Transformer Workshop course you will be confident in your knowledge of the material and in your ability to apply your knowledge on the job.

Save time

You will learn more in half the time. Transformer Workshop training uses videos and animations to present almost all course content. Professionally produced video delivers clear and concise instruction more efficiently than any other medium. Procedures are clear and memorable when you see them done and hear how and why they are performed. Concepts are quickly understood and appreciated when professionally produced demonstrations, animations, and graphics artfully illustrate, model, and explain them.

Linemen and truck at jobsite

Be confident in your knowledge

You will be confident in your knowledge because you will have proven to yourself that you have mastered the content of the course. You will be tested in every key learning objective. When your response to a question is not correct the computer gives you a specific and immediate review of the concept or procedure involved.

You will be given as many opportunities as necessary to demonstrate your understanding. The computer will continue to review a concept or procedure until you have proven your understanding. When you score 100% on every quiz (and you will) you feel confident.

Lineman making connections at pole

Energize your abilities

Your greatest enjoyment from a Transformer Workshop course happens after you complete the training. It comes when you feel energized over your mastery of power transformations. You will see improvement in your job skills and in your ability to troubleshoot transformer problems as you apply your new understandings and skills.